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My Inspiration Door

>The other day I was looking through some books of inspiring quotes and messages that I have and I thought I would jot some down and hang the piece of paper on my garage door by my lathe. After writing a few down it dawned on me that the garage door would be a perfect canvas to utilize for something that would give me inspiration or just some "positive energy" while I'm turning. The door started out as a place to show a few drawings that my 12 year old son has drawn of pictures of some of my turnings. He draws them in pencil and practices his shadows and perspective. Well, the other day I decided to just write the quotes on the garage door and then I wouldn't have to squint my eyes at the paper to read them!

My son and I just love reading them when we're out there. When I come across a quote that I love, I write it down and then next time I'm in the shop I put it on the door. Sometimes I'll think of just a simple phrase, or something funny that I think belongs on the door and I'll make a note and then add it to the door too. I hope to fill it up till there's no more room to write! It probably seems like an odd thing to do, but I can't tell you how much this door has meant to me since I did this. I can't help but feel good while I'm out there in the shop and those words of mine, my mom's, my son's, and others are there to inspire me and get me going! I encourage everybody to have some inspiring messages nearby to boost your creativity!

Jennifer :)

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