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Box Elder Pot

>Hey Everybody,

Here's another "experiment" from my lathe. This piece of Box Elder is about 4.5" diameter and 5" tall. I used a Micro Torch to burn the inside of it as it was suffering from some serious tear out that I just could not get cleaned up. I really like the way the torch took care of the tear out. It's rustic looking but you don't look and feel the inside and think Oooo...tearout. I put several coats of Watco Danish oil on the inside and out and then several coats of Rockler wipe on gel poly. Thankfully the scorched inside doesn't come off in your hand after the finish is applied. This was an incredible piece of Box Elder and the color here is pretty accurate.

I had never used a micro torch prior to this. I ran down to Home Depot just before they closed the evening I was making this, to buy one and while using it on this piece it broke. The start button malfunctioned and the thing wouldn't light without using a secondary lighter. So I finished this bowl and took it back the next day for a refund. So I'm still looking for a replacement. Any suggestions on a reliable one? I really love the smaller butane torch as opposed to a bulky propane one.

Comments welcome.


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