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Cherry, Hopi Indian symbol Bowl

>Good Monday Everybody,

Here's one of the latest ventures from my shop. It's a piece of cherry about 10" diameter. It is burned with a traditional Hopi Indian design. I then used black Prisma Marker to fill in the burned designs. I bought a book a while back called North American Indian Designs that is full of the different symbols and designs used by many of the tribes. This one was drawn freehand in pencil with a few guidelines penciled in while the bowl was still on the lathe. I do all of my drawing and burning with the bowl still in the chuck, but over at the bench, just in case I need to take drastic measure and turn away some serious boo-boo's. hopefully this will not always be the case as I gain confidence with the burner. It's quite cumbersome!

It has 2 coats of Watco Danish oil right now and will get about 4 coats of Rockler wipe on Gel Satin Poly. I'm still trying to get the hang of my burner and the different pens. Seems each new piece gives me reason (or just want) to buy a new pen for the burner. I wished I had the micro skew tip for this one. I originally had the design on the foot as well, but my skew tip was just too large and it looked crummy so I turned it away and left the foot plain.

As always, I'd love to hear any an all comments. Also, if anyone knows what this particular symbol or pattern represents I'd love to know. Unfortunatly this book doesn't state the meanings of the symbols and designs.

Thanks for looking.


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