Turning Archive 2005

OK, OK...so the POO-lan finally broke...

>My 10 year old, oft maglined here POO-lan finally broke a little. A shock absorber gave it up and I can't find another one, so until I do I need to buy another saw.

Honestly, I'm not impressed by the new POO-lans...but the new Husky's don't impress either, though I am considering one.

I need reccomendations as to what to cross to the dark side with. The saw will get use that would be considered light by pro standards but far heavier than normal homeowner, consumer type use. Up for consideration are:

Next to top Echo, 50cc, max reccomended bar 20", $359.00 local.
Stihl 310, 59cc, max reccomended bar 20", $359.00 local.
Husky 359, 59 cc, max reccomended bar length 24", $399.00 online/Bailey's.
Husky 353, 53cc, max reccomended bar 20", $339.00 online/Baileys.

The Echo comes with an 18" bar, as does the Husky 359, while the Stihl and Husky 353 come with 16" bar.

So, besides ragging on me for abandoning POO-lan, what do y'all think?


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