Turning Archive 2005

Need Pen Turning Advice

Bart Goldberg
>Hi Everyone,

I'm new to pen turning. I just had a lesson this weekend and turned my first pen. Very enjoyable. However I have some questions.

1) I find cutting the pen blanks to length on my compound miter saw a bit nerve wracking. What safe methods do you all use for cutting those small sections?

2) Do I need to invest 40 bucks for one of those center drilling vises, or is there a cheaper and also effect way.

3) What is you preferred method for pen finishing. I tried the Hut wax bars and they see okay, but I know that there are may other (and probably better) ways.

4) For sanding on the lathe, what is your preferred sanding medium? Cloth backed sand paper, abralon, abranet, others?

Feel free to provide me with any other bits of pen turning wisdom that may strike you.

Thanks in advance.


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