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A Hearty "Thank You"

Tom In Red Deer
>I had the oportunity last Friday to spend almost an hour with the factory rep for my new General lathe.

During our conversation he mentioned that a turning club in the Northwest USA had a lot to do with the design of that machine.

If any of those folks are members here, I would like to extend a very big Thank You. I don't know how you got a manufacturer to listen to your ideas but whatever you did it worked.

This machine is a dream to use and the layout of controls is very nice.

Everything from the motor that has it's cooling fan actually blowing toward the tailstock and not sucking all the dust in, to the very generous length of cord on the emergency stop button to the hollow pedistal legs actually meant to hold sandbags.

There is much more, but suffice to say that the more I use this machine, the more I want to use it.

Thank You

Tom in Red Deer

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