Turning Archive 2005

A Lousy Show

Bill Grumbine (Kutztown PA)
>Greetings all

I have not been around much the past week or so, since I was putting in lots of time in the shop in preparation for a juried show here in beautiful downtown Kutztown. I would have been better served sitting on the couch drinking beer and watching TV. I guess the good news is, I will have lots of stuff ready for the next one.

After month upon month of brutal weather, the grand finale being last week's deluge which brought the worst flooding in 50 years, this past weekend was the most one could ask for - if one was not sitting in a field house in a booth full of luxury items. Sunny, light breezes, and temperatures in the low 70s coupled with all the destruction of winter served to keep people away. Those who did show up lurched through the aisles like zombies, turning neither to the left or to the right. This show had every sort of art and craft done, and everyone was grumbling about the results. I do not exaggerate when I say that the exhibitors spent more time talking to one another than to customers. There was no one there to talk to! It got so bad that we plugged my DVD in to watch it, and I have seen it more times that I care to remember! Actually, that did generate some traffic in the booth, but only idle curiosity seekers.

I do not think it could be blamed on any one thing. There were some people there, but they weren't spending. I have no idea why, when they had to pay to get in. But there were a lot less than there could or should have been. Now I get to go to the shop and assess the damage. It was one of those weeks where things that need maintenance broke, and some broke from working while tired. At least I have have all my fingers.


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