Turning Archive 2005

Totally OT but....

>Where else can I complain? I am getting ready to put my F350 on the market so I took the truck to the shop to get the door locks working and the electric window that worked when it wanted to and rested as it saw fit. The little plastic lock actuators were nearly $100 each times 4; yep, times 4. Even though I rarely unlock the rear doors the back actuators were the first to go. My dad has a 63 Ford with electric windows that still work and have never been worked on. This same truck has had the rear-end rebuilt twice....once by Ford and the second time by an independant shop. You guessed it....the one rebuilt by Ford didn't hold up and the current one done by an independant is fine. The independant shop told me that the original unit is put up too tight and that it needs a little more clearance than the specs call for. Total cost for all these unnecessary problems...$3000. Will I buy another? Not in this life. My replacement truck is about ready for the road. Anyone want a "like new F-350?" (no pun intended).

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