Turning Archive 2005

Mini Jet Problem

Jerry Whitaker
>You may remember a post I made last week about a possible burned capacitor in a Jet mini. Actually I had sold this lathe to a guy who lives 600 miles from me and I was feeling bad about what had happened until this weekend when I found out from his dad that he lives in a 16x80 mobile home with the breaker box at one end and his workspace at the other end. I suspect the wiring is minimal as it was in a mobile home I used to own. Anyway, the worst part about this scenario is that he was running this lathe off of one of those 12 foot Christmas light extensions (probably a #16 wire). Do I feel bad anymore???? Yes, I do but not nearly as bad as last week. I was seriously thinking about offering to pay for the repair but not after finding this out.

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