Turning Archive 2005

Tung Trees *PIC*

Glenn Hodges
>A lot of us use tung oil in finishing our turnings. I thought some of you might like to see a tung tree in full bloom. A person has some in front of her home in the small town near where I live. Lots of the blooms have now fallen to the ground as you can see in one of the pictures. The trees are about 30 feet tall and they produce green balls which fall from the tree in the fall of the year. I planted some of these 2 years ago, and transplanted 30 young saplings this year. In a few years I will have these tung trees blooming down a fence row on one side of my farm. The trees are really beautiful this time of the year. I have lots more of these saplings. During WWII these trees were planted in N. Florida to produce tung oil because our overseas supply was declining. I hope the pictures do the trees justice, and hope you enjoy them.

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