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Help with turning tools and motor source

Wayne Leach
>Greetings from a newbie in NW Ontario

I learned (or was supposed to have learned) woodturning in high school about 50 years ago. Later when I got maried I purchased a Rockwell wood lathe and turned a few items like Walnut bud vase and glass coasters etc. Then it languished until recently when I decided to become a woodturner.
I thought I had a basic understanding of the craft but was very humbled when things did not go well. So, I blamed the inexpensive Marples turning tool set (incl: 1/4&1/2" spindle gouge,3/16 parting tool,V tool, 1/2" round scraper and 1/2" skew-overall length of tools is 13") I purchased many moons ago. They seems so short and "micky mouse"!
I scoured catalogs and online sources and finally decided to purchase some new tools individually-I liked the looks and specs on the P&N tools and figured that the Raffan skews were a good choice because they seem to work well in his video? So I bought the following:
1. P&N 1" skew
2. P&N 5/8" bowl gouge
3. Raffan 1/2" curved skew
4. Raffan 3/4" curved skew
Now the question, Should I continue to add P&N tools or ?
I need a larger roughing gouge first thing but what would I need after that???

Also, am planning on building a larger lathe and would appreciate any info on variable speed motor and purchase source - 1-1/2HP or 2HP.
Thanks to any and all who can help.


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