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1725 RPM vs 3450 RPM grinders

Carol Reed - Strawberry, AZ
>I see the slow speed grinder recommended many times here for use with the Wolverine jig and general sharpening.

I checked my notes from my lessons with Wally because I thought he recommended the high speed. In fact, my notes say 8" wheels, 3450 RPM, 60 grit and 80 grit white aluminum oxide wheels.

So, did I get it right, Wally?

Why do others recommend the slow speed?

I already have a 3450 RPM grinder motor. I have to put the 8" wheels on it and build new wheel fenders. It currently has 6" grey, very coarse wheels. Then it will go on top of the Wolverine jig and I'll be in business.

I also have been taking notes on the height of this thing. I hate bending over. It hurts my back.

Comments, folks?

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