Turning Archive 2005

Ever have this personal debate?? *PIC*

Molly Winton
>Got it all done, finished, and handed it to Larry (husband) to fawn over. After he gave it back I was oooing and ahhhhing myself, congratulating myself on a job well done. As I rotated it over and over in my hands I happened to visually catch a white dot inside. Looking much closer, aiming it at direct lighting I saw little pin-prick holes very nicely lined in a ring! Flicking my finger at the area I got a 'flack flack'. Not a good sound. Pressure with my thumbs didn't result in give, but the holes were there nontheless. Ever have that debate in your head? "It's not THAT bad....yes it is....I bet no one would even notice....they would too....it wouldn't break in two pieces if it got clunked down on a table, would it??....do you really want to take that chance???....but do you know how many HOURS of work there is in this???.....awww sh** it can't go out with my name on it!" The only way to stop this debate is to smoosh it, so I did. It was structurally sound until I branded it. The branding sunk into the wood because it was so pourous, which made it go through a slightly thinner spot. Oh well.

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