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"Re" finishing question..

Jeremy in LA
>I have a few pieces which I've buffed with the Bealle system, that now I'd like to change to a high-gloss lacquered finish. Obviously I can't just spray the lacquer over the carnauba wax. Does anyone know the best way to remove the wax (and whatever else may be on there) so that I can be sure the lacquer won't be fouled up? Or is it simply too late? :) (I'm aware that tenacious hand-sanding will cure most ills, but I just want to know if there are steps to remove more wax, etc., after that.)

Also, I have some pieces with "CA finishes" that I also buffed.. can I convert something like this finish to a lacquer finish without removing the CA? Thanks in advance for your advice!
- Jeremy

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"Re" finishing question..
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