Turning Archive 2005

Wow!! What an auction haul!!!

Mike Rubes, Apex, NC
>Hi all,

Last week I won a benefit auction here for a nice hunk of quilted maple bowl blank. The blank arrived today all the way from Longview, WA and it looks even better in person than in the pics. It is 8x5 and I am thinking hollow form, ala Wally with it. We shall see. Anyway, in addition to the maple, there were lots of surprises in the box!! Dave had mentioned he would stick a piece of ironwood in there and true to his word, there's about a 4x7x1/2 chunk in there. Perfect for a few collars of hollow forms. But it didn't stop there!! There was also, in no particular order, a finished bottle stopper of big leaf maple, a mulberry keychain, some big leaf maple pieces, purple heart, apple, cocobolo, english walnut, madrone, vine maple, holly and AG filbert!!!! It's like Christmas in April. There's some great pens in there just waiting to come out and some really nice collar material as well.

Thanks Dave, this was way more than I expected :)


Feeling very lucky and like I got the MUCH better end of the deal in Apex, NC!!!

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