Turning Archive 2005

Photoshop as a woodworking tool

Mark Kauder, Phenix City, AL
>First: No is not your eyes or your monitor, these pictures are blurry as heck.

Some time back we talked about ways and means of doing a critical analysis of your own work - while you were working on it on the late.

Someone said that they have a video camera that points at the wood that they are working on, and the monitor is turned 90 deg so they can see what is will look like.

Most others talked about taking the bowl off the lathe, setting it upright with a solid background, and analysing it.

WELL, I am working on my largest hollow segmented piece (two of them in fact), 15" in diameter. I am turning them in two halves that will be joined after the insides are finished.

But doing it this way, you can not always tell how it is going to work. Is it going as planned, etc.

SO, last night I took the top, newly finished feature ring and the top, and stacked them up. Then I take a picture of them together. I open that picture in Adobe Photoshop, and using the brush tool, I blacken in the background.

At this point the walls on the bowl are 1"-1.25" thickness, so there is plenty of room for modifications if necessary. So again using the brush tool, I "Cut" away at the wood to get a shape I like.

In the case of the bowl below, the shape I have designed will not need any modification, and is going as designed.


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