Turning Archive 2005

Drilling holes/hollowing questions

Dan Lanicek in TX
>I'm a fairly new turner and I'm making a votive candle holder turning. It's a short face turning with a southwestern shape (rims are narrower than middle). Would you call this a bowl or a hollow form or something else?

This candle holder thingy has holes in the side cut with a Forstner bit. Last night I cut the holes before turning. Hollowing was a chore (and a little scary) but other than one accident where the small scraper caught a hole and chipped the rim the candle holder came out nicely.

I'm now wondering if it would be smarter to drill the holes after I turn the form. Anybody ever done anything like this? One nice thing about turning after drilling the holes was that I could see where I was hollowing and tell how far to go without using calipers.

some hollowing questions: I hollowed using a bowl gouge for the initial hogging out and then a round scraper to reach final thickness and clean up. I have no bent scrapers so the underside of the rim was a little rough. It took a while but I got it done. Is there a better way/tool to do this? Do you sand the inside of hollow forms? If so, how?

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