Turning Archive 2005

Hand Tool Chat, Tonight 9:30 p.m. E.D.T.

William Duffield, on the Cohansey
>Hand Tool Chat suggestions:

No need to turn on your heartbeat--it's done automatically.

When you respond to a question, or a comment, start your response with the person's name, especially if multiple subthreads are in progress.

Try to keep the number of active threads down to about three subjects at a time. If you haven't seen any activity on a particular subject in a three or four minutes, feel free to start off on a new subject.

If you have a particular subject you need help with, just post a response to this Chat announcement. If you don't see a chat announcement, feel free to post a new message on the Handtool Forum.

In general, I will only post proposed chat topics on the Handtool Forum if I have something I need to discuss. Otherwise, I'll let the participants decide what is relevant to them that particular evening.

Let's try not to stray into power tools, especially table saws.

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