Turning Archive 2005

Pride and Joy *PIC*

>A fellow member asked if I would post a pic of the lathe and new shop. Last week I posted that the lathe was arriving on Friday. As I related to another forum, when the truck pulled up all I heard from the SWMBO was "honey, Santa Claus is here" and indeed it was!

Thanks to wonderful generosity and experience of a turning club member and some neighbors, we got it from the garage to the basement. It was up and running that night! I am trying to stay off of it until I get my duct work in for the DC. As you can see in the pic, I failed miserably :) It's feeding on some sycamore that I had drying for awhile. I couldn't resist...........I was like a little kid again.

It's been rather amusing as I had some friends and neighbors over the shop wondering what the fuss is all about. They look at it with this puzzled look on their face like "what is it?" I previously stated once before like the Harley fans. "If you have to ask, you wouldn't understand". LOL

As my previous post stated, it now sits in the newly built shop that is about 25x 14, give or take. It will boast a complete cyclone DC system and air drop system. The biggest advantage is that I won't be chattering in the garage anymore during the dead of winter. Overall, I am very very excited......

The biggest thrill though is that when I do turn on it, I will think of Mom because it came from her and I know she is looking down smilin'!!!


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