Turning Archive 2005

what kind of wood is it

F. Drybread
>I am unable to post any pictures but hopefully someone here can give me some answers by my description of the wood I have. I have a piece of wood that I have sawn into some blanks for bowls. The outer part of it is white and close grained. Under that layer are all kinds of colors - purple, pink, bright green, tan and black. These are the colors in the big piece (about 24" din dia.) I got. I got some smaller piece (I think may have been a limb of about 6" in dia.) but it is white through out. It is very green. I rough turned a couple of bowls and almost needed a rain coat. I turned them a couple of weeks ago and they seem to be drying without much distortion so far.

Does anybody have a guess as to what this wood might be. I live in NW Arkansas and the tree was cut locally. Any info is appreciated. Thanks

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