Turning Archive 2005

Suggestions please *PIC*

Jorge Castaneda ~ Downeast Maine
>The other night after dinner I was feeding the woodsove and had a piece in my hand when the little voce said, "to the lathe, to the lathe", so I did not burn it and this is what I wheedled (spelling?) out of it. It is my first attempt to a goblet, the wood is red maple, no finish yet.
I like the form of the goblet, the stem seems too long now and the bowl perhaps too deep, The piece is 9" tall and 2 3/4 at its widest, the bowl is 3 1/2" deep inside.
I never did the captive rings before, and I used the skew to shape the outside and make the rings, the rings are concave in both sides.
Is there a way of making them convex? Also I did use the parting tool and I don't like the looks of the bottom, how to make it more finished?
Also if it were to be used for vino, what kind of finish should be used for the inside? I am planning to make one for friends getting married in the summer.

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