Turning Archive 2005

Critique fodder *PIC*

Mike Schwing from Md.
>In light of Keith's thread below, I offer both of these up as critique fodder. Both of them are long gone. One is in a museum in Hong Kong, the other on a shelf in the home of the dispatcher at the local tree cutting company.

Give them both critique. When I ask for critique, I usually find that the responses flow more freely if I first "break the ice" with my own ideas on improvement, but I'm going to hold back till the end on these.

Please consider that critique, as far as I can benefit from it, isn't really "I don't like this", nor is it "cool bowl!" but something more like "while I can see why you did it like that, perhaps a more graceful curve would have complemented the grain better."

Anyway, I hope this can spark some more of the great discussion below. Tear'm up. You won't insult me, my feelings won't be hurt, you won't dent my confidence. Not gonna happen.

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