Turning Archive 2005

Strange Wood?

Bill Grumbine (Kutztown PA)
>Greetings all

I am busily working to get ready for a show this weekend, and a question has come up with which I have not had to deal with before. I have been collecting scraps of wood for years, mostly given to me by wood dealers, visitors, etc. All are exotics, or at least exotic to me. With some I have forgotten the names, and some I never knew the species. I suppose I could invest a lot of time and energy to try and figure out what they are, or at least what they might be, but I don't have either time or energy for that. So, my question:

If you are selling a piece of wood, and you have no idea what the species is, what do you tell your customer? I suppose I could say that they are rosewood substitutes, since I substituted them for rosewood in this particular piece (ha ha), but I am looking for something a little more informative and a little less on the disingenuous side.



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