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which stubby lathe

>ok, i have sent the deposit for a stubby lathe, so far the S750 is it, but the 1000 kind of screams my name. this decision is not about the difference in money, the 750 is about $5200 the 1000 $6300, but this will be the last lathe i'll buy, both have advantages, i am not so interrested in the 40" with the pulled back lathe bed, but more for in the 20" over the bed. i know i won't turn 40" pieces a lot, but just knowing i can when the time is right. i never thought the 27" piece i have waiting to be turned would be an option. the 750 is somewhat more movable and has leveling feet, the 1000 is heavier and leveling feet could be mounted.
i still have a few days to decide, but we'll see, any comments from somebody who has used both would be helpful


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which stubby lathe
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