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First Large Bowl w/Alcohol Results

Barbara Gill, Remlik VA
>My original magnolia blank was 17 1/2"x 5". I rough turned a bowl a little over 16 1/2" in diameter. The wall thickness was 1 1/4". I soaked it in denatured alcohol for 20 hours because that is what fit my schedule. I followed the directions draining, etc. I used fairly heavy brown paper and wrapped according to instructions. On Feb. 14 the weight was 11.77#. On March 19 the weight was 8.55#. Today, April 3, it was 8.55#. I have removed the paper. Across the bowl one direction the diameter is 16.75" across 90 degrees the diameter is 16.5". There are several small cracks around some knots. There is one significant crack on the rim. I probably will finish turning the bowl next week-end.
The holly bowl which is about the same size and rough turned about the same time is not dry yet.

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First Large Bowl w/Alcohol Results
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