Turning Archive 2005

New Lathe.......New Questions

Tom In Red Deer
>Hello to All,

It's been a while but I have been keeping an eye on you folks. All these new lathes and tools...North America auta be just about covered in wood chips by now.

Anyway...my gloat...a new General International 16 x 42 Lathe. It is the 25-650 model, electronic control, 0 - 3700 rpm in 3 ranges.

This lathe has a phase converter on it that changes 110 current to 220. It works a treat but as usual with General, the instructions leave a bit to the imagination/

On the converter there is a small rotary knob that is labeled min/max. With the machine running, turning this knob does nothing that I can see or hear.

I can get hold of the rep on Monday but I do not want to sit and look at this beauty all day without using it. Anybody know what it does?

I will do a revue of this machine in a couple of days.

Tom in Red Deer

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