Turning Archive 2005

Now THIS is a tool gloat *PIC*

Tom Mullane
>Picked up the little one at kindergarten and then we went to Ace Hardware... Daddy needed some "stuff".. you all know what stuff is... those other things that really don't have to be bought at the high price places...
Well we got Daddy's stuff and were at the checkout when Mari says "Daddy, your tools are too big for me to use...".. Falling into the trap.. I respond "Yes Dear they are.. but we will get you some that fit you soon".... SLAM.. the jaws close and I hear "Well Daddy, how about this... it is just my size and I really really like it.. "
OK... now I want to know who here is going to lie through their teeth and tell your 6 yr old daughter that they can't have a $7.99 tool so they can work in the shop with you.... COME ON...
So here she is with her new hammer... complete with a hard coating of some kind of floral material.... Oh and the bottom unscrews to reveal a small screwdriver that fits her hand just right....

Oh and by the way... that picture has not been touched up with Photoshop.. she really is that pretty and sweet.. LOL... Daddy ain't too proud .. IS HE..

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