Turning Archive 2005

Allergic Reaction to Cocobolo

Barry Turner
>I just came from my doctor's office. I turned one winestopper from a piece of cocobolo yesterday.

After I finished turning, I was in the shower within an hour. When I got out of the shower I noticed some redness on the insides of both elbows and applied some over-the-counter Cortisone 10 cream.

I awoke this morning with raised welts and itching. Also, on the area under my watch. I applied more Cortisone 10.

I went on to work, but left at noon to go to the doctor.

I had a minor reaction with cocobolo once before, but it was rather mild. Actually, I had forgotten about it. This reaction was much worse and I don't think I will forget for quite some time. I thought I was being extra careful by showering quickly, but apparently this was not enough.

Would long sleeves and dust collection help? Or, should I just forget about turning one of my very favorite woods? What other exotic woods should I
avoid? I'm guessing all of the rosewoods. By the way, the winestopper is beautiful, but it's gonna be an expensive one!

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