Turning Archive 2005

Rant: Jet's promise

Carole in VA
>was just making a pass at soothing ruffled feathers when they told me they would take care of the extension bed problem with my Mini. They said "give us a few days" and that was back on Feb 22. I called them about a week or so ago (after not getting any response to my email) and they said "Well, we found that it is going to take a lot longer to do and we are really short handed right now. The extension was designed for the VS Mini and not the non-vs." Well if that's the case, why did they sell non-vs Minis with the holes for the extension pre-drilled (so you couldn't use the "mounting kit") and why did they advertise that the non-VS Mini could be extended with their bed extension? I am getting a little disgusted. I am in the process of researching DCs and I think I just might cross Jet off my list of choices. :(
End of rant.

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