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Pens For Canadian Peacekeepers *LINK*

>Hi Everyone,

I felt compelled to post this because I think it’s so worthy of getting some attention. One of our own here at Wood Central has started an effort similar to the “Freedom Pens” project that many of us are familiar with. A while back during a phone conversation with Jim Shaver, he told me that he had sent some pens to the Freedom Pen project and it was then that it dawned on him that he should also send some to Canadian Soldiers serving around the world. So he did. And then he got quite ambitious and he is now revving up all engines for this project that he’s started called “Pens For Canadian Peacekeepers”.

When it comes to the men and women who serve around the globe on missions involved in the same goals, for peace and prosperity for those that they are there to help, there are no borders in my opinion. North of our border or south, all of the men and women who serve are to be commended and honored by those of us here at home. Its people like Jim and Keith and the fine people over at Sawmill Creek, who stand out in the crowd and make sure that those who serve know that they are truly appreciated. I just wanted everybody to know what Jim was doing...because honestly he is so humble that it would probably take him forever to actually post the link to the web page. I hope you don’t mind Jim, but I really did feel compelled to spread the word.

So when you get a chance, drop over to the Pens For Canadian Peacekeepers website and take a look-see at what our very generous woodworking comrade is doing! I for one, give you a hearty Bravo!, for a job well done!


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Pens For Canadian Peacekeepers *LINK*
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