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righteouswoods.net - anyone know about them?

Mark Kauder. Phenix City, AL
>I normally get my exotic hardwoods from a local branch of Atlanta Wood Products Center. I like being able to personnally select each board (I am sure we all do). However there are some woods they do not carry

I have been searching for some time for someplace that carries exotics in 8/4. That way I can cut strips the right thickness off the slab, rather that taking a 4/4 piece, ripping it to the right width and then resawing to thickness.

ANYWAY, The only place that I have found so far that carries two of my favorites (Yellowheart (Pau Amarillo) and Bloodwood) in 8/4. The prices are good, and even with UPS shipping will beat the price per bf I pay for 4/4 from the local guys.

Are any of you familiar with them?


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