Turning Archive 2005

Need advice on new Lathe choice

Dave Anderson Chester, NH
>I'm primarily a spindle turner and very very occasionally do either a bowl or platter. I average about 10-15 hours per week on the lathe turning handles for bowsaws, marking knive handles, awl handles, and roughing out the handles and other parts for plane adjusting hammers for my side business of making specialty hand tools. Most of this work is semi-production and my old Jet 1236 is not heavy enough for the demands I make of it. I also do the occasional furniture parts like cabriole legs.

I don't need the 16-20" swing of a large full sized Powermatic 2036, but would like something with a good bit of mass to prevent vibration and I would really appreciate something with a VFD and continuous speed adjustment. A nice feature would be the ability to bolt on an extra bed section for longer spindle turnings, though this would only be occasionally used.

Your input is solicited.

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