Turning Archive 2005

All Roads lead to Rockler

Ruth in So. Cal
>I have just been doing a search for some bowl blanks....and almost every link takes you to Rockler! I feel like Big Brother has his hands in everything!

Anyway, I am looking for some bowl stock that is dry and ready to turn....anything from the 2x6x6, to a couple of larger in the 4 x 12 x 12. I know in an earlier thread some of you mentioned you sold your wood, but you didn't provide links to your sites. Since I don't have a bandsaw, round stock is prefered, however, not a requirement as I have my trusty husky. As for woods, since the prices need to be reasonable (of course :) ) I am thinking that domestic would be where I need to look. Ultimately, I suck at rechucking roughed out blanks and so want to be able to just turn and finish a bowl or two without having to go through the failure of the rechucking process......


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