Turning Archive 2005

Rejection and Critique

Greg in Oshkosh
>I’d just like to make a point from the critiquer’s point of view.
In our local meetings we hold up items in the instant gallery every month.
There are a few comments made about design with both complements and suggested improvements included.
The turner also gets questions and comments from the other members usually about a technique that they may have used or the finish on the piece.
The objective of our display and critique is to make us all better turners. Even with this said we have a rule so that a member can exclude himself from the critique. Others in the group are almost insulted that you can’t find anything “wrong” so that they can make it better the next time.

I can remember a critique of my shape flowing into the bowl bottom. I was embarrassed but could see the fault and it stuck with me and made me a better turner.

The point of all this rambling is to ask how to do critique or review and have the result positive rather than seen as a rebuke??

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