Turning Archive 2005

Small mesquite hollow form

Don Henthorn
>A lady gave me a small block of mesquite and I decided to turn this hollow form. Pretty plain mesquite except for the little patch right in the center. Don't know what the light spot is inside the collar in the higher view. 3 1/4" wide and 3" tall.

The form is a little flat in the lower half. For some reason I had a devil of a time finishing it. Once I got it in the compression chuck to finish the bottom I couldn't touch it with a chisel without a catch. I sharpened the chisels, as I tried different ones and every one caught, BAD. The compression chuck really buggered up the sides and I finally had to finish the lower half with the 80 grit gouge.

Little unsure about the maple collar. Wish I had ebonized it now. Oh well, next time....

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