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The unbelievable kindess of woodturners *PIC*

Mike Schwing from Md.
>This is simply unbelievable. I returned home from work today to see a package on my doorstep. At first I figured it was some finishing supplies I had ordered, but the label said "Mark Kauder". Oh yeah, I thought, he did ask for my address but didn't say what he was sending.

Open it up, and there's a letter to paraphrase...a while back you wondered aloud on the board why segmented turners never make forms ala Wally style. Well, I went and made one, out of maple burl, Wally's favorite. I'm not too happy with it, you can see why burl isn't a favorite of segmented turners.. anyway, since I'm sending you one that didn't work out, I thought I'd send you one that did, too".....

Jaw dropping kindness. Unbelievably wonderful people and community we have here. I've sent a lot of stuff to folks here, as have a lot of others, wood, tools, books, finished items, etc.. everybody sends stuff to everybody. But this is too much. Mark, I don't deserve these, but I sure do appreciate them. I just don't have words to express the feelings this brings to me. I only hope I can return the kindness one day soon.

This is the one Mark didn't think worked. The other one is in the next post. His finishes are world class. In fact, just today I had emailed Mark about his finishing methods - without knowing that I had 2 examples to study on my doorstep.

Thanks Mark. You have humbled me.

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