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>I started a new thread because the other one was so far down the list that some may not have seen it. For turners, the only "ripchain" we should use is the skip-tooth or a standard chain. We should NEVER use a ripchain that is designed for an Alaskan sawmill. With these sawmills the chainsaw is held in a frame and the log is sawed from one end to the other with the saw at 90 degrees to the log. When we rip we usually do so by laying the log on the ground and sawing with the bar running the length of the log section, not 90 degrees to it. As Mark mentioned, don't even think about a Granberg ripchain for cutting turning stock. With any chain serious kick-back can occur anytime that less than 2 teeth are engaged in the cut. Small branches should not be cut with a skip-tooth chain for this reason. For the typical turner the standard chain is all you really need. If you do a lot of blanks from big logs a skip-tooth will save you a little time but it is best to have a saw dedicated for this purpose so you won't be temped to cut a small branch with a skip-tooth chain. If there are any remaining questions please post them as this is potentially a dangerous practice and we don't want anyone getting hurt because they didn't understand what we were talking about.

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