Turning Archive 2005

Hand Tool Chat Tonight, 9:30 p.m. Eastern Time

William Duffield, on the Cohansey
>Sorry, no famous guest speaker is planned for tonight.

Hand Tool Chat suggestions:

Turn on your heartbeat. This will keep you from getting logged off automatically if you aren't saying anything. To turn in on, click on the icon with the hammer and click the heartbeat checkbox.

When you respond to a question, or a comment, start your response with the name of the person you are responding to, especially if multiple subthreads are in progress.

Try to keep the number of active threads down to about three subjects at a time. If you haven't seen any activity on a particular subject in a three or four minutes, feel free to start off on a new subject.

If you have a particular subject you need help with, just post a response to this Chat announcement. If you don't see a chat announcement, feel free to post a new message on the Handtool Forum.

In general, I will only post proposed chat topics on the Handtool Forum if I have something I need to discuss. Otherwise, I'll let the participants decide what is relevant to them that particular evening.

Let's try not to stray into power tools, especially table saws.

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