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I'm agonizing over a lathe purchase, HELP! ( Long)

Clem Wixted, Jonesboro, AR
>I own a Jet 1014 mini and an old Walker Turner 1236.

I'm a beginner turner with enough knowledge to be dangerous. I've read more than I've turned so most of my knowledge is head knowledge and not machine experience. I spend a lot of time reading posts on various turning boards but now I need to put my money where I haven't much experience. I think I will enjoy many aspects of turning so I don't want to be severely limited by equipment.

I recently bought a nearly new Jet 1442 that I will pick up when I travel from Arkansas to NJ when I visit some family in May.

I have recently been offered a nearly new Powermatic 3520A that I can pick up on a trip in early April.

The powewrmatic is several hundred dollars reduced from new price and I can pick it up so no delivery $ are involved.

All of the spindle accessories I have for the Jet mini will fit the Jet 1442. They won't fit the 3520.

I haven't turned much on the mini yet but when I do spend more time turning will I not like the reeves speed control on the 1442?

Is the spindle height on the 3520 too high for my 41 inch elbow height?

Are these two lathes worlds apart or incremantally different? There is quite a bit of difference in cost but I could try to sell the 1442.

What other things should I consider?



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