Turning Archive 2005

Molly Winton

Dave Peebles Lyons, Ohio!
>Hello Molly,

I thought I would post a new message as to your rejection from the show.

You are one of the most creative woodturners that I have ever known. I realize that it seems to be all about the slides, but your pics look great to me.

I am not sure what the problem with the jurors was. Is it all about photoshop and pro photos? Or is it about talented and creative wood artists?

I do believe they missed the boat on your work.

I realize that they ony have a few seconds to judge someones work from the slides. But why? Are they that pressed for time that they cannot take the time to see see a true creative person at work.

I know that this has been the norm forever, but I see a need for a change. Would it kill them to take a minute to see the work for what it is, instead of rushing toward the exit as fast as they can.

Sorry to vent, but I hate to see a talented person get left out of a good show because of... "thats the way we do things"

Please keep going on the quest, I love the work you are doing.

Best wishes,

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