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Ebay wood

>Being involved full time in another Trade, I don't have much time or access to free wood. My tree trimming guy isn't too responsive to my pleas.

But I've been buying wood off Ebay for several years. I have really only had two bad experiences and neither of them were deliberate misrepresentations or anything like that.

In one case, the problem was simply that wood shipped in from a moister climate doesn't always acclimate right away in the high desert. I lost some osage orange that cracked badly within a day of arriving at my shop. I have to tell you that I was badly depressed. But the seller not only replaced the wood...and then some...he allowed me to keep what I could salvage from the original piece.

The other case was similar enough to not repeat the whole sad tale but just to say that the seller not only replaced the wood...doubling the original order of mesqiute...he also sent several identically sized pieces (18"x2"x2") each of bocote, paduak, and ironwood.

I've been bidding on and ordering some bowl blanks recently and haven't gotten a bad piece yet. If anything they are better than I would expect. The only real problem is that sometimes the shipping on green blanks is nearly as expensive as the wood.

Anyway...for what it's worth...

In the High Desert of Central Oregon

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