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bottom of bowl question

>Well, I'm a bit frustrated...I have a bowl turned and finished. Except...! I turned it thinking to leave a bit of the tenon...properly re-shaped...for a foot.

I had acquired the makings for a Longworth chuck and had it set and ready to receive the bowl. The chuck looked good... But despite my best efforts and careful instructions and probably due to the fact that it was not originally set up with my faceplate in mind, I apparently did not get the faceplate properly centered. When I mounted the bowl it would not run true, not matter what I did.

So scratch that...

I have tried compression chucks and again...trying to be as exact and as careful as I could be (previous lathe) they don't run true with out a lot of fussing around either.

So today I bought a set of button jaws for my Axminster.$70.00 later, I'm fine with that. I haven't received it yet but I do know from talking to tech support where I bought both the chuck and the button jaws (CSUSA), that I won't be able to mount bowls much bigger than 7 1/2" (I've got the Jet mini/midi/1014)

So what does a person do to finish off the bottom of a larger bowl...foot or no foot??

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