Turning Archive 2005

Pay attention to that "little voice"!

Carole in VA
>Ok, I am convinced! Last night I attempted my first natural edge bowl. Started out with just safety goggles and was being careful not to stand in the line of fire, but some little voice kept telling me to go in the house and get my Trend Airshield. I finally did, and not two minutes later a huge chunk of bark came flying off, bounced off of something (I have no clue what) and smacked my shield (HARD!) at about mouth level.
That shield is taking some getting used to because I can't seem to get it really comfortable (my head size is apparently between ratchet stops) but I am going to try and do something about that because I now know that I need to wear it. Maybe some extra padding in the headband will work. Pay attention to "THE VOICE"

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