Turning Archive 2005

Hollowing tool

Don Henthorn
>Pictured below is the hollowing tool I made for small forms. I tried instant glue for the tip
and it worked for nearly all the form I was doing, but came off near the end. I have to
confess that the surface I glued it too was far from perfect. I have reground the surface
and reglued the tip to try on the next form. I am really happy with the tool. I used 5/16"
drill rod and bent it with a Mapp gas torch. Stuck a 3/4" pipe nipple into a 2" X 4" and a
piece of 1/2" threaded rod about 1 1/2" from the pipe as the jig for making the first bend.
The end bend was made by puttin a 7/8" 3/8" drive socket on the end of the 3/4" pipe and
inserted the red hot end of the rod into the 3/8" square and pulling it down. Worked like a
champ. For the handle I turned down a four inch piece of broom handle for a snug fit
inside a 3/4" pipe, bored a 5/16" hole through the piece and then epoxied the tool tang into
the broom handle and epoxied the broom handle into the pipe. It is a real solid tool and
works great. Thanks for looking.

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