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Looking for some statistics/data

David Lykins - Marietta GA - guitardude
>A while back I posted a blurb about a center-finding jig I've developed, that can find and mark/center punch the center of a peice of wood any shape in a matter of seconds. I've already contacted Incra about it and they have some interest in it, however I know from a pattent attourney I met here on WC, that I'd get paid a lot more money for the idea if I had it pattented.

The information I'm trying to establish is the following:

How many general wood workers (of all types) are there in the US?

How many Wood Turners are there in the us.

Does Incra sell (I'm assuming they do) internationally.

I'm trying to figure out if it would be worth the $1000 to $2000 of which I don't have right now, to try and pattent this jig, or should I just document it, send the information to incra and let them pattent it and manufacture it (and I get a slice of it hopefully).

Of course if any of you would like to invest ....ha, ha, so I can get it pattented I'll give you my address where to send the check to...... yea right! Just kidding!

Any help is always greatly appreciated.


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