Turning Archive 2005

Small Gloat - Raises a Question

Raymond Overman in SC
>I ordered a P&N 1/2" bowl gouge and an Ellsworth jig for sharpening it last week and it finally came in today. (That was the gloat part, now for the question)

The paperwork that came with the jig says that it needs to be 7" from where the base of the jig sits to the front edge of the grinding wheel. If I have a 6" grinder rather than the 8" does that mean I need to change the measurement to the front edge to 6" since I've got 1" less radius on the wheel?

I hope that would give the correct geometry since the settings from the paperwork doesn't allow the gouge to touch the wheel. It's going to be a heck of a time getting the grind right without it reaching. (So far, It seems to be working at 6")

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