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Oneida 2hp wiring help

>Hey folks,

For those of you who have Oneida. Need a little help diagnosing what I did wrong. I installed a Oneida 2 h.p. Component. The basic problem is when I give it juice, nothing happens.

I am sure it's something simple that I am overlooking. I wired it for 220v. I checked for juice at the socket with a tester and I am good to go there.

For my wire from outlet to motor, it's a standard black 12/3 (White, Blk, ground). I put a basic 220v plug on the end. The plug has two horizontal flats and ground.

This is where it gets a little confusing. According to the instructions in the manual, pg. 11 under 2hp wiring diagram, it's says the Power Line 1 and Powerline 2 are interchangeable. and no neutral required for 220V wiring.

I taped off what it said to tape off.

So do I tape off the white(neutral)?

I connected ground where it supposed to go

Where do I hook the black? to PL 1 or PL 2 or both?

Thanks for any assistance!!!!


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Oneida 2hp wiring help
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