Turning Archive 2005

Tonight's chat - finishing - the basics

Sam Simpson
>Hi Y'all,

I'm posting this reminder early today, because I have meetings throughout the midday period, and I just know I will skip my midday check-in with you guys and gals.

I have noticed a few new faces on the boards and in the chats. With spring coming we are beginning to see some of the same ole' questions being asked. That's a good thing. Even us old timers need to be reminded of the basics from time to time. So let me extend an open hand to those who would like to ask some of those basic questions, but won't because you think we've all heard them already, and ask you to join me in the chat tonight. Our normal crowd of a dozen or so regulars will always welcome new faces, and I can tell from their cudgeling sometimes, that I am always ready to get into basic discussions about the use of shellac, oils, waxes and home brew mixes for finishing. Chasing down those pesky problems that rear their ugly heads at the most inopportune moments is also a favorite past-time of mine.

Come-one-come-all 9:30 est 8:30 cst Regards Sam Simpson.

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