Turning Archive 2005

3 Questions (all different) *PIC*

Ruth Niles
>First question; What can I use to burn a very fine line in the wood? I'd like to burn a pencil point fine line and can't find wire thin enough that's strong enough.

Second question; At times when I turn the wheel on my Jet Mini by hand, it fights me. It rotates a little then rolls back and feels sort of hard to turn. Does this mean I need a new belt? It's not a problem because it runs fine, I just don't want the belt breaking like a surprise.

Third question; The wood in the picture makes me cough really fast and I feel the pressure in my lungs instantly. It looks like mahogany but not the kind I usually have here, which doesn't cause me to cough at all. Maybe it's not mahogany?

Thanks for any help or comments.

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