Turning Archive 2005

Poplar Bowl

Kurt Aebi
>I finally completed my first larger bowl. It measures about 7" in diameter and stands about 4" tall. It is not a real thing-a-beauty, but i don't think it came out too awful bad either. I do not have any bowl gouges yet, so it was all done with spindle gouges, skews and a round nose scraper. I just picked up a 3-piece bowl chisel set that has a 1/2" bowl gouge that I will be using on the next one; Spalted White Birch!

The finish right now is 3 coats of Watco, natural. I will be trying my home-made buffing system on it this weekend. I don't have any Carnuba wax, but have plenty of beeswax, I was wondering if it would work just as well as the Carnuba?

Thanks for looking and any help with how to keep the inside from getting "fuzzy" where the end-grain portions are exposed would be greatly appreciated. I also know that I need to work on my finishing skills, I can still see some tear-out in some places and I couldn't for the life of me clean up all the tool marks on the inside of the bowl.

LOML has already staked claim to this one, so I guess it ain't all that bad. I think the color didn't come out bad either - it has real character. I plan to let her have it and keep it around to look at and compare with when I have made quite a few more bowls.

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